Sea Surface Temperature Analysis

SST Region:

I have created a new client "exe" app that is included in the zip file download below. You will have to allow the app to run on your system as most Windows systems block exe's from unknown sources. This app gets around all the browser based issues running java applets. As always it requires that java is installed on your local machine.

NEW!!! terpSSTPROClient download to run on your local machine here

Try terpSSTPro for ANDROID...

New feature added v3.6 (08/08/2014) - Show The Break

Helps identify the temperature break find those subtle changes that aren't readily visible on the shot.

Image before applying the "Show The Break"

Image after applying the "Show The Break"


As of Sept 1 2015 Chrome no longer supports java applets. For more information click here


First, as opposed to doing some hi-tech tricks to get an older version of JAVA, you want to make sure you have the LATEST version. Go to Control Panel and open the JAVA Control Panel. Click on the "Update" tab and click "Update Now":

... then follow through as instructed being sure to UN-check any optional junk that they offer. When the update is complete, go back to the JAVA Control Panel again. This time click the "Security" tab and click the "Edit Site List" box:

... when that box opens, click "Add":

... click the box under "Location" and type in EXACTLY the following: (don't forget the "/" at the end) ... and then click "Ok"

... if you get a security warning, click "Continue" (we don't care that this page is not encrypted)

... you should be back at the main "Security Tab", but now with "" listed in the "Exception Site List". You want to click "Ok":

That's it! It really isn't as difficult as it sounds - just follow along. When you're done, will open up with no JAVA errors! Click image for larger version.

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